students you have more power that you have beeen told

I am not against progress and far out futurology I am so fed up sometimes I would gladly with a little beer do my flight my escape in a spaceship to never come back …like dying I supposed … But the thing is, not everyone agree with the amount of money we are spending for wars , to prepare for it or to be ready for it… And not everyone agree that nuclear is of no consequences and also not everyone believe that the way we are taking care of the nuclear « garbage » is safe, objective, and rational. Right? Students you are aware of all that I am not here surprising you…AM I ?
I am aware that you cannot stop volcanoes and hurricane yet, in other words  you are not guilty of many things,the things of nature force example

the  little mouse  in the kitchen want to live… why?By what mechanism by what thirst of going on by what mind soul that mouse want to live and if  I caught her with my hands she will  let me know that she don’t agree  (that she has other project…) do not talk to me about instinct you make me laugh sadly , because how do you dare to know what a fly is there for? Hey? First you don’t even know   why you are here

Are all the beauties of the universes only an endless safari for the rich ? And you students only facilitators caddies for the tyrants in place? Do you think the world is a golf course or a football field to console yourself of not possessing everything under the sun ? For now it is true there is some little islands smoking some « culture » ecological mildly first Nation  messages, some of the   tenderest tides that ever was , esoterica of new love-couple triple making love to the clouds and comets.  Some passionate hearts are just laughing at our infamous and steady economics pretenses, they don’t recognize it in themselves they  are suffocating with anxious disbelief…
You may be worry about a man hidden  with a gun in the alley .I am worrying about the one that are selling hypocritically  arms like the ultimate cure-all .But to convince you students and us the ordinary people, that it us all right to do ALL that… they need political  help ! From whom do you think they might get it ?
From the hoboes and delirium tremen  drunk in the alley?   To make the message clear that we are the good one, the white, the Europe champagne, the objective sophisticates, everyone else has to be painted black or yellow or red or « crippled » or better yet :broke and dirty and possibly contagious . We all know for a fact  that we are the best and that we deserve the best : don’t we cadaverous white  ?

You are looking for a safe haven students and you are ready to keep your eyes shut very tight to get THI$, what is really happening cannot be as interesting as a movie or a soccer game, really , just SEE how U.S.A. UNIVERSITIES MAY INVEST IN SPORTS BECAUSE ITS SO FORMATIVE … always ready to be a man playing the part of the mammalian …YEAH YEA . Did you ever wonder why your teachers are so blind but sometimes with ZEST,  obviously because all  this erudition need a forum to evolve , all this language  and artillery  his always on the move ,  just look for an example  at those physicists intellectual working for the nuclear  machine , you would never have these wonderful and tidy persons say an inconvenient Truth loud enough for you students to ACT  and consider the situation REAL ! No, we are just aiming at being scholar, an erudition that can concretize itself untill this totality of objective objectives engineering (of various profitable disasters) is the only WAY  to go …  go go go …what else ? You may redesign as much as you like, if the pretentious mindset stays the same  same $@me,  you as university’s universal nano war monger will just keep parading the flags and colors of our REALITIES and us will have to applaud this bitter slavery. Because students you are the police of the mind the formulator the patentor  the law maker you are the government you are the corporation untill the day you will decide to be YOURSELF i.e. to accept that you don’t know as much that you ARE so APTLY (@Pes)pretending . Scientists are playing many games juggling with infamous conflicts of interest, for  sure there is a few genius among the money makers, the insecure, the maniacs of long words and you students with your eyes wide curious trying to comprehend if all that is good or worth it , to emulate it as soon as possible  to make it even bigger in other words to encourage the prosperity of your standard of living …For sure there is countless exceptions that has been our protection since the beginning but…  What is living ? A commercial battle ? A masturbatory feast ? Are you an ant part of a grand scheme and as a PROOF OF YOUR studentship baptism  OFFERING,  giving your life for THIS NA$A  common  GOODIES? Do you know that some people don’t live like you do and that us extreme white or lets say just  educated nuts in general , are teaching these poor yellow fever people how to dream our idea of life? Obviously we will protect  them with billions of militaries intervention to implement the various malarias  of democracies vaccines   ! Sniff.You crocodiles tears , do applause and shrug your shoulders at the same time…
Slow down slow down that is indeed  rational! and careful and a very interesting caution …You should know better students and if you don’t know better it is because THIS EDUCATION  have innumerable faults that we may not talk about , which is ridiculous but not surprising …public relation is more important that the public  …I bet you have notice it  with a short  smile, indeed what can you do if not a Master degree   in something , right? ! The one among you grindily working at getting these proof of their acquired connaissance will probably stay with willing hypocrisy in the background all their life doing the scientification of any anthropologies possible, adding feverishly new stratus to status expertise of anything! While other scholar may and will   be of great help to publish papers to give social and political  credibility to the militarization and repression  of existence and even while doing so write a few paragraphs about the danger of all this  . All subversion has to stay in the class and  kept fading(feeding) in the books . The only reality is money ! Don’t try a romantic approach of the situation and don’t start to weep inappropriately in class, their criticisms are just for fun, its an abstract  a fucking theory , an expensive w(h)ine.


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